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Conditions, Rates and Product Specifications

Set Up Charge: $150.00 (p), includes pre-production sample and first color screen charge.
Set Up Charge: $90.00 (p) if pre-production sample is waived. (Covers first color screen charge.)
Screen Charge: $90.00 (p) per color, not including first color.
Art Charge: $160.00 (p) if color-separated, camera-ready art is not supplied. An additional charge also applies if submitted art needs to be altered in any way. Change in art will delay production time.
Additional Colors: $0.70 (p) per piece per color.
Production Time: 3 weeks from approved art.
Any change to art after sample has been made will result in an additional art charge and screen charge.
If pre-production sample is waived, it must be made in writing. No claims can be made on orders shipped where pre-production sample is waived.
Packaging: Bulk Packed.
Individual Boxing: $1.20 (p) per box. Box is plain white or brown corregated box closed by clear packing tape.
Damaged Ware: Our products are fragile and some breakage must be filed with the carrier.
Shipping: Shipments are made F.O.B. Bennington, Vermont. Titles transfer at this point. Responsibility for delivery and safe cartage rests exclusively with the carrier. Claims for adjustments, breakage and delays in transit must be filed with the carrier. Shipments will be made with the lowest cost and most efficient carrier. If customer specifies a different carrier they must make arrangements with that carrier. The customer's carrier must make arrangements with Catamount at least 24 hours prior to pick-up. Due to excessive breakage U.P.S. shipments are not recommended, nor can breakage claims be honored by Catamount. Shipments sent U.P.S. must be over packed. There will be an additional $10.00 (p) handling charge for each master carton used. All U.P.S. requested shipments must be stated on the purchase order and a waiver must be signed.
Shipments will be transported via Trucker are sent COLLECT unless otherwise agreed upon. These shipments will be shrink wrapped and palletized.
Expected Shipping: Customer must give U.P.S. or Federal Express number. Catamount is not responsible for expedited freight charges or damages.
Over/Underrunn: +/- 10% is industry standard and considered acceptable. Orders will be billed and shipped accordingly.

Where it becomes necessary to register one color or more next to another, there is a possiblity of mis-registration of 1/16" left or right. This tolerance meets industry standard and is considered acceptable. Depending on the quality and shape of the ware, mis-registration may occur.
Exact PMS colors cannot be matched. We try to match your selection as closely as possible by using the PMS numbers as a reference only. If a specific color is desired, such a request must be clearly stated on the order.
We cannot guarantee that re-orders will be the same color shade as previous orders or speculative sample. Variance in color within the order is an acceptable industry standard.
To assure the prompt processing of your order, submitted artwork must have complete and specific instructions to layout, size and placement. Our policy is to size artwork to fit the listed maximum areas for the product unless otherwise specified.
All new artwork must have signed approval or we cannot proceed with production. A delay in reciept of signed art approval will delay production time.
Custom Order Agreement must be signed and faxed back before we can proceed with production. A delay in receipt of signed form will delay production time.
Electronic Art Submission:
Send to:
1.4 MB floppy disk, 100 MB zip disk, 1 GB jaz disk, CD-ROM in either MAC or PC format. Files smaller than 1.4 MB can be emailed.
Please include a printout of you electronic file so we can compare it to the electronic file submitted.
We can accept your art in the following formats:
.EPS (vector images) please make sure all the fonts are converted to outlines before saving.
.TIF (raster images)
.QXP (Quark Express) please be sure to include all images and fonts (MAC only).
All images should be at least 600 dpi for line art and 300 dpi for greyscale or halftone images.
NOTE! .JPG is usually not sufficient quality for output.
If you choose to use .JPG, make sure that the resolution of the image is at least 600 dpi for line art and 300 dpi for greyscale or halftone images, saving at the maximum quality.

Glassworks #44344